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Our Team

Our company has evolved since its inception and continues to grow thanks to our team of customer-focused and results-driven players. Here’s a little more about us.

Veterinary Pharmacy Agrimed Limited - Stephen Rossi

Stephen Rossi

Stephen started working in all sectors of animal husbandry in 1965 before moving on to set up Agrimed Limited and has been managing director ever since.
He has been a results-driven entrepreneur who is self-motivated and as a resourceful managing director has developed and strengthened his teams to maximise company profitability and efficiency. His vision has enabled Agrimed to be a dynamic and progressive organisation growing in all sectors of live-stock and pets’ animal health. Possessing excellent communication skills, Stephen has been able to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders both locally and abroad.

Antoine Sciberras

Antoine is a pharmacist by profession graduating from the University of Malta in 1991. He joined Agrimed in 1998 and helped with the company’s reorganisation making it an important partner in local veterinary practice. His role as a managing pharmacist brings him in close contact with animal owners and veterinarians, mediating strong inter-professional relationships for the benefit of the treated animals. He is in continuous contact with veterinarians helping them to achieve the best in their practice from the use of advanced medicinal products and services. Antoine also occupies the role of Responsible Person which covers the regulatory affairs aspect of the veterinary medical products marketed by the company.

Veterinary Pharmacy Agrimed Limited - Antoine Sciberras
Veterinary Pharmacy Agrimed Limited - Vito Domenico Benvenga

Vito Domenico Benvenga

Vito is a veterinary surgeon graduated from the University of Messina with an experimental thesis in animal nutrition. He carried out a three-year post-doctorate specialization in Technology and Pathology of Avian Species, Rabbits and Wild Animals from the University of Bari in 2009 and is actually working mainly with exotic animals. He started collaborating with Agrimed in 2016 as veterinary nutritional consultant being the connecting source with both animal owners and veterinary surgeons.

Richard Magri

Richard is Agrimed’s office and customer relations manager. He joined Agrimed in February 2015 after a career spanning 25 years in the travel trade. His role entails coordinating logistics and planning the day-to-day activities of the other employees. He is responsible for customer’s accounts, managment of customers order and other administrative roles.

Veterinary Pharmacy Agrimed Limited - Richard Magri
Veterinary Pharmacy Agrimed Limited - Jackie Magri

Jackie Magri

Jackie is the company’s secretary, a role she has occupied since joining Agrimed in 2002. Her primary duties include offering administrative support to the managing director. She also has a role in human resources coordinating needs of the employees. She is also regularly in contact with many of our customers taking orders and addressing their queries.

Joseph Borg

Joseph is the company’s chief delivery person. He has been networking with our customers ever since he joined Agrimed in 2013. Joseph’s efficiency ensures that veterinarians receive their orders timely and correctly. Apart from his major role Joseph is always keen to help out with any odd jobs that may crop up from time to time on the company’s premises.

Veterinary Pharmacy Agrimed Limited - Joseph Borg
Veterinary Pharmacy Agrimed Limited - Nathan Borg

Nathan Borg

Nathan joined Agrimed as a young lad in 2014 assisting in all roles of warehousing actvities. He developed quickly to take up the responsibilities of inventory processes from the receipt of new stock to the preparation and dispatch of orders to our customers.